ALL India youth Federation वैज्ञानिक समाजवाद हाच पर्याय !!!!!! कष्टकरी,शेतकरी,तरुणांचा आवाज ऑल इंडिया युथ फेडरेशन,समाजवादाची कास धरा, ऑल इंडिया युथ फेडरेशन चे क्रियाशील सदस्य व्हा.


1.The inculcate in the Youth of our country the spirit of patriotism, secularism, and democracy, to educate them on the ideals of scientific socialism, to develop in them a scientific world outlook and to give their movements a higher sense of purpose.

2.To unite the youth of our country for safeguarding national independence, sovereignty, unity of the people, territorial integrity. democracy, human rights, secular basis and genuine federal character of the nation and to mobilize them for nation building process.

3.To organise the youth in defence of and for the achievement of all their genuine social, economic and political rights particularly the right to work, right to free education and for the right to have better conditions of life and work.

4.To organise the youth to participate in the militant struggles along with the other sections of the toiling masses, for bringing about basic structural changes in our economy and for the transformation of our society into a better one with a brighter future.

5.To organise the youth in the fight for the fulfilment of their rights for the complete development of their personality and for achieving their rightful place in our society.

6.To organise the youth for achieving more political and democratic rights and for developing in them higher sense and awareness of their rights and duties and thus to achieve an effective say in deciding the destiny of the nation.

7.To help various sections of youth in understanding the problems of each other and to focus public attention on the needs of the youth, for better conditions of work, training and wider facilities for education, health and recreation.

8.To work for the social, cultural, literary and intellectual development of the youth and to work for the eradication of illiteracy among the youth.

9.To fight for social justice, against corruption in all spheres of national life and for the elimination of communal, regional, linguistic and all other chauvinistic reactionary fanaticism, untouchability, discrimination against women and all other expressions of social oppression. To fight against superstitions, obscurantism, revivalism, obsolete feudal customs and all other social evils.

10.To mobilize the youth in defence of the genuine interests and aspirations of various national, religious, ethnic and linguistic minorities of our country in the social, political, economic and cultural spheres and to develop proper understanding about their present condition and problems.

11.To organise multifarious activities to provide facilities for the youth to participate in sports, cultural and literary activities for the spreading of progressive and healthy trends and for combating the corrupt and decadent influence in the field of culture.

12.To develop among the youth proper understanding of the modern scientific and technological gains and to prepare them for a harmonious approach to life, environment and ecology.

13.To foster international outlook among the youth to develop friendship with the youth of other countries, to strengthen the solidarity with the youth and people of all continents, who are fighting for National Liberation, Peace, Social Progress and Democracy, and to liquidate Imperialism, Colonialism and Neocolonialism.